State of Nevada Brings 606 Count Indictment against Two Alleged Robo-signers – Including 404 Felonies

State of Nevada Brings 606 Count Indictment against Two Alleged Robo-signers – Including 404 Felonies

By Daniel Edstrom
DTC Systems, Inc.

The indictment is 440 pages long and contains 606 counts against two individuals.  102 misdemeanors and 204 felonies against one person and 100 misdemeanors and 200 felonies against a second person.  It sure seems to me that in a case like this involving recorded documents that mail fraud would be involved.  This is because usually the recorded documents are sent through the mail.

Many, if not all of the documents involved in the indictment are Notices of Default.  If these are forged documents, how can the non-judicial foreclosures have been strictly complied with?  Of course I am not a lawyer, but it would sure seem to me that any document recorded after the Notice of Default would also be void.  But who knows, maybe there is another law that says if the parties performing a non-judicial foreclosure commit 1 misdemeanor and 2 felonies you still lose your house.  This seems unlikely since most non-judicial foreclosure states usually call for strict compliance with the non-judicial foreclosure statutes.

One notary has already pled guilty to one count of notarizing the signature of an individual not in her presence.

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