Investors Admit Criminal Enterprise at David J. Stern Law Firm in Florida

Investors Admit Criminal Enterprise at David J. Stern Law Firm in Florida

By Daniel Edstrom
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Note the following from Neil F. Garfield on LivingLies:

Posted on January 5, 2012 by Neil Garfield

EDITOR’S COMMENT: This is the start of what we have been waiting for. Investors who purchased David Stern’s operation — a foreclosure mill that had been bank-rolled literally by the Banks. They actually have the necessary files, documentation and proof needed because they now own the company and they realize they were induced to buy a “criminal enterprise.”

This is what I have been talking about. Investors of all shapes and sizes are starting to awaken to the fact that the entire foreclosure process has been permeated by false statements as to the amounts due, the identity of the creditor, and the documents that “perfected” the lien, transferred the loan and were the basis for foreclosure. None of the foreclosures are real. That is a grandiose statement, but it will prove to be true.

This news is important not only because it corroborates the defenses of borrowers in tens of thousands of foreclosure cases filed by Stern. It is really important because what will emerge is a fact pattern that shows that ALL of the foreclosure mills were operating in the same way because all of them were essentially renting their law license to the Banks who were covering up the securitization scam, to wit: that the securitization that was documented was never followed, that the money trail does not conform to the documents, and that the liens were never perfected and were therefore not subject to foreclosure because they were unsecured.

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